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Learn how to cultivate, harness and channel your your life force energy and the infinite power of the Universe.  Experience profound relaxation and spiritual awakening.  Release the pain and negative patterns of the past and open yourself to the happiness, love and intimacy you've been searching for. Learn the Sacred Art of TANTRA while Experiencing the Magic of Tantric Massage & Energy Healing, and unlock your full energetic potential with Kundalini breath and body work.

Blissed-Out Tantra Sessions are a progressive experience with each one bringing new knowledge and experience.  Sessions 1 - 3 are the foundation and more advanced work is customized to your specific intrests and desires.

Session 1

An Introduction to the Chakras

Session 1 includes an introduction to Tantra and the Chakra System, tantric massage, chakra energy healing, guided meditation and breath work.

90 Minutes / $150

Session 2

Kundalini Energy

The focus of Session 2 is on the activation of Kundalini Energy, our vital life force energy, and the energy of our enlightenment.  Using powerful breath work & yoga poses, in addition to massage, energy healing and guided meditation, Inanna will open the doorway for you to step into a whole new level of expanded awareness and experience.

90 Minutes / $150

Recruiting the highest caliber of private domestic staff
Excellence Guaranteed

Session 3

Sacred Sensuality & the Ecstasy of Divine Intimacy

Session 3 focuses on more advanced Tantric positions and techniques that allow us to peel back the layers of our humanity, releasing the ego, and taking our experience to the next level.

120 Minutes / $200

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