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"A big thank you for our wonderful session yesterday!  I arrived at your beautiful studio in great spirits carrying some upper back and hip tension that was soon stripped away by incredible breath work and the enlightening understanding of what my pain truly represented in my life.  What a wonderful breakthrough made possible by your tender and loving education, guidance and touch.  I am enjoying the book you let me borrow very much also in learning to Love the difficult people in one’s life.


Your gift to the world is truly One of a kind!!!  Your healing touch and hugs coupled with your innate ability to see to the core of what really is and could be for your clients is what makes you so rare and exquisite.  So thankful for your guiding presence in my life and excited for future sessions as we grow together in this wonderful journey!"


Troy M.

Cedar Park, TX

August 27, 2019

"I came to see Inanna during a very, very difficult time in my life.  I had been divorced for a few years, had stopped taking benzos that I had been on for over 25 years, was battling repressed childhood sexual trauma, going through a mid-life crisis, and suffering from burn out at work, all at the same time.  Pretty serious stuff.  I was a total and complete mess.  It is unbelievable how welcoming and accepting she was of me in that state of mind.  She has a heart of gold and an incredible wealth of healing wisdom.  While I saw her, once every other week for 3 years, I was able to maintain my employment and heal to the point that I’m ready to change jobs now.  For what I had gone through, that is a huge accomplishment and she’s a big reason I was able to do it.  I can go on and on about how great her sessions are and what a wonderful person she is, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself.  There’s no way not to look forward to the next session.  She’s such a gem."

PETER / AUSTIN, TX / JULY 19, 2019

"I have completed three sessions with the Goddess Inanna.  These sessions have changed my life, I have been taught some simple techniques to enhance both my mental and physical well being.


Goddess Inanna is one of the most gifted healers I have every had the pleasure to work with. After my first session, I experienced better clarity in my thought process, and felt better physically. She opened channels of energy that I believe had been blocked for a long time.  Further work in session two taught more advanced techniques and breathing exercises to provide sustained clarity and enable control in drawing energy in and through my body. It is is incredibly empowering. Session three was both enlightening and powerful as all the techniques and lessons from the first two sessions are put into practice. Each session improves on the last and adds new tools to energize your life, love and general well being.  I have never felt better, and I continue to practice daily all I have learned, Goddess Inanna is a master at energy movement she has an incredible gift that is hard to describe, it needs to be experienced.  I will definitely be continuing to learn more about Tantra, thank you Goddess Inanna"


DON / OLYMPIA, WA / OCT 8, 2011

"5 stars aren't enough, Inanna needs at  least 19 stars.  Inanna is like a unicorn, magical, beautiful, mystical & full of sunshine. I've had 3 sessions & each one was an amazing life experience. I learned how channel & release my energy through my chakra. It's amazing how much breathing right opens up your energy. Her beautiful studio is very much a part of the experience,it's calming and spiritual as well.  I left each session completely at peace & all "blissed out".


WEST S. / SEATTLE, WA / OCT 25, 2011

"My session with Inanna was truly an eye opening amazing experience.  This was my first tantra session ever and my introduction to this modality.  I'd heard of my chakras before of course and understood what they were in theory, but Inanna introduced me to them, like long lost very dear friends.  She made the experience very relaxing and with her pleasant demeanor made it easy for me to visualize and get in touch with each chakra.  I was literally beaming after my session and friends noticed it! I felt very at peace with all that is.  I had personal breakthroughs as we made our way moving energy through and awakening the chakras.  My only regret is that the after effects did not last forever, I really felt amazing after that session, like a happy child again, but with all my adult wisdom intact.....exquisite!  I understand now that with more work with her I could move towards attaining that state on a regular basis.  I knew nothing of tantra before my session, I think Inanna is truly gifted to have provided such an experience my first time out.  If you've never tried this GO! and let Inanna guide you to a beaming state of bliss.  If you've experienced tantra before GO! It was easy to see, she is very gifted in the practice of this art and I'm sure more advanced work is beyond amazing with her."


Dana T. / Tacoma, WA / Oct 9, 2011

"All I can say is Wow!  Goddess Inanna is my first exposure to learning tantra in a professional setting, and I greatly underestimated the power she has facilitating movement of energy throughout the body.  At the end of each session, my body literally felt like it was electric in a good way, and my psyche in the days following the session was relaxed, yet focused and confident.  If you're debating whether to learn more about Tantra and/or trying a session with a professional, look no further than Goddess Inanna."


John D. / Seattle, WA / Oct 21, 2011

"Inanna is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  I cannot begin to explain what a fantastic experience I had visiting her.  Her experience is much more challenging than you might expect, but I count it among my favorite memories.  Give yourself to the process and see what happens."


Dale W. / Crane, MO / Feb 8, 2013

"I am not a reviewer, but I have to say that Inanna has really changed my life in about 4 sessions.  She goes through a pretty set routine for the first 3 sessions (mostly focused on breathing techniques and energy visualization. Her studio is very nice, warm and inviting.  Now, I'm a big skeptic when it comes to these things (being an engineer/tech guy), but after a few sessions old friends notice something different about me immediately, and tell me that "i've changed".  Much of it is really simple breathing and attention that seems to put me in a less intense/stressful state of mind or allows me to just let things go.

Inanna also has a great demeanor and gentleness that allowed me to just be myself and feel comfortable within my body.  For me, that's a huge breakthrough.  This has bled into the rest of my life where I find myself more confident in situations where I previously would have sat back.

Anyway, I highly recommend that you give Inanna a chance and suspend your doubts for a little bit."

Andy C. / Seattle, WA / April 25, 2013

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